Stock Market For Beginners: Simple Steps To Get Started And Achieve Your Goals


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Confused About The Stock Market And Running Out Of Time?

Take control and boost your financial future with this beginners guide to stocks and investing that really is simple and easy to follow.

Perhaps you have this vague, uneasy feeling that you should know more about stocks and investments. And that you should be doing something about them – and soon. But everything seems so technical and confusing.

Then this book is for you. Here’s a quick example: You know what an auction is, right? Well, did you know that the New York Stock Exchange, where you will buy many of your stocks, is just a big auction?

See there, you already have a clue about stock exchanges. Because the book introduces the idea with something you already understand. An auction. And it did it in one sentence.

Stock Market For Beginners keeps focused on the basics as it outlines a step by step plan on how you get set up, choose great stocks and protect your investments. By the end of the book you will know how to buy a stock, and when and how to sell it too.

It’s your future. And while no book can promise you instant success, it’s a virtual guarantee you will find it useful, easy to understand, and if you follow the ten key steps, greatly increase your odds of success.

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