Stock Investing for Beginners: How Even Novice Investors Can Take Advantage of The Legalized Sports Betting Gold Rush


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Why are so many regular investors getting rich off sports betting stocks?

In May 2018, a Supreme Court ruling produced one of the best investment opportunities of the decade.

They ruled a federal ban on sports betting (outside of Nevada) was against the constitution.

Which means individual states can now legalize gambling on pro sports games…

33 states in all are predicted to legalize sports betting by 2023.

Which means certain casino and racetrack stocks are set to hit the jackpot!

And analysts at Morgan Stanley have predicted some may even double by 2022.

Some speculators have stated buying these stocks now…

Would be like buying Amazon stock in 2008.

If you’re thinking “did I miss the boom?”, don’t worry.

It’s not too late, in fact, the best is yet to come.

In this book you will discover:

  • Which poker company is poised to win big from the Supreme Court’s decisions
  • 2 intriguing penny stocks which could benefit from legalized sports betting
  • Why this video game developer may see their stock soar in the next 5 years
  • The best brokers for retails investors (don’t get destroyed by high commissions or ridiculous minimum deposit amounts)
  • 3 blue chip companies who have emerged as dark horses in the sports betting stock boom
  • 2 tech stocks poised to reap massive benefits from the new legislation
  • One thing to be wary of with certain low commission brokers (this often costs unsuspecting customers money)
  • The one stock (that you wouldn’t expect) which this billionaire picked to rise because of the Supreme Court ruling
  • Activision vs. Take Two – which video game company will come out on top?

    …and much, much more!

    Plus a free bonus inside.

    And no, these aren’t the same run of the mill casino companies the mainstream media has been talking about in every news cycle for the past 2 months (like Caesar’s, or Wynn Resorts)

    These are meticulously researched and feature both larger companies, as well as some stocks you may not have thought of.

    But you must act fast, because 2 states have already passsed legislation, with another 3 set to do so by the end of the year.

    So unless you want another “if only I’d invested back then…” story

    The time is now.

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    P.S. If 2017 was the year of cryptocurrency and marijuana stocks, 2018 is the year of sports betting stocks

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