Modern Long Term Stock Market Investing Secrets!: $0 to $200,000 by age 25


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Do you want to know how to make more money then you ever dreamed from Stock Market Investing? This book is all about how I have managed to get 30% to 40% from the stock market year after year. I went from $0 at age 19 to $200,000 in my account by age 25! In this book I go into detail about exactly how I find great stock after great stock to invest in. I tell you literally every single thing I look for when investing my money into a stock. If it is not mentioned in the book then it is not something I look for when investing in a stock. I have very much a modern day type approach to stock market investing which is what allows me to get such great gains on stocks. I grew up reading great books like the intelligent investor by Ben Graham as well as several Warren Buffett books. While those book are great and we see eye to eye on many things, modern day stock market investing has changed so much over the decades. What worked in the 1970s when investing in the stock market, does not work best today. I explain in the book why my approach is so great for modern day long term stock market investing. In this book I only included what was vital to the book, and I skipped over all the wasted pages filled with non sense that some stock market authors use. This book should be tremendous for stock market for beginners as well advanced investors wanting to know stock market investing strategies. I try to do a great job explaining these complex stock market subjects very easily. I also give some great entrepreneurship tips toward the back of the book. In this book I have also included a must know stock market terms section, and a email address to contact me if you have any questions in regards to the book. I thought that would be great customer service by me! I hope you enjoy! Thanks, Jeremy the Financial Education Channel on Youtube

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