Marijuana Stocks – Millionaire’s Guide To Investing In The Youngest Industry


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The general opinions of the shakers and movers in the burgeoning cannabis industry are that it is an emerging market that is not only developing but is also growing; and very quickly. The industry seems to have only one division, meaning that it has just two legs [currently] to stand on. However, those legs, Recreational Use and Medical Use, are sturdy legs indeed. They can support market initiatives that will continue to grow for many, many years to come. As cannabis laws continue with reform globally, I am confident we’ll discover many more of its benefits for use in everything from cancer and glaucoma treatments to epilepsy, industrial products like biofuels, hempcrete [for construction] and insulation; not mention recreational use and the retail value of CBD-infused products. This book gives details concerning the current cannabis market and offers insights into where you can reasonably expect the market to be at different stages in the near and distant future. But make no mistake about it. This is an industry that is ripe for entry and the time to get in is now; before the federal legislation changes and the “fat-cat suits” drive gate potential through the roof.

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