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Marijuana Growing: The Ultimate Marijuana Grower Handbook for Cultivation of Heavy Cannabis Harvest Production Including Extract Preparation and Mouthwatering Easy Edible Recipes


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Marijuana Growing: Ultimate Marijuana Grower Handbook for Cultivation of Heavy Cannabis Harvest Production including Extract Preparation and Mouthwatering Easy Edibles Recipes

Would you like to grow your own marijuana plant?

Don’t want to invest in long, complicated and outdated books?

Weather you are new to the scene or a veteran looking for new ideas and trends, after years of experience we have summarized everything that you need to know in modern, effective and easy step by step way that will work in 2019 and beyond.

This book offers many features including:

  • Basic Facts and Terminology explained
  • The Marijuana Plant – what it actually is?
  • Essential Growing Knowledge – Where, when and how to plant. How to calculate expected yields? What nutriens do you need ? What kind of lighting and more…
  • Advanced Growing Techniques – How to achieve more than 1 harvest, what types of seeds do you need and what are the best methods for seed germination?
  • Harvest and Drying Techniques
  • Extract Preparation
  • BONUS chapter : Easy recipes ! Enjoy your hard work! Recipes for cannabis brownies, cookies, butter, cake, pancakes, waffles and more… 

You dont have to search entire internet and wonder what information is important or relevant.

Now you have everything you need to know on the palm of your hand.

★★★ Would You Like to Know More? Don’t wait any longer! Once you have this guideline in your library, the process is unlimited. Scroll up and click the BUY NOW button and start growing your very own marijuana plant and enjoy its endless benefits! ★★★

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