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Cannabis or Marijuana stocks are largely stocks that are traded on the OTC Pink sheets market and have to do in some shape or form with the cannabis industry. This can involve the distribution of medicinal cannabis, the development of cannabis technology for the growing of cannabis, or even REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts) for the agricultural cultivation of Cannabis, or even the distribution of recreational cannabis in more progressive countries and states, or any number of other ways which companies profit from cannabis.

The primary issues facing cannabis corporations is that even though Cannabis is legal in several states for medicinal and recreational use, at the federal level Cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 substance with a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value. This means that the federal government does not allow cannabis companies to use the federal banking system to store the proceeds from the cannabis industry, therefore the industry is largely a cash only business. This makes investing in cannabis companies difficult because when Cannabis companies report quarterly and yearly earnings, any reporting of a profit means that they are profiting from the distribution of Marijuana in some shape or form, which is a violation of federal law.

Yet this makes investing in Cannabis stocks the most interesting: the smartest and largest cannabis distribution operations in the United States, and the best potential vehicles for investment, are not reporting their earnings to the federal government. Because if they do, they may likely be shut down by the DEA or another law enforcement agency. This inability to report earnings from individual cannabis companies distorts analyst calculations of the values of the companies, and makes them seem like not a good investment opportunity. The speculative nature of cannabis stocks is implied and inherent.

Yet there are individuals in the United States making millions of dollars off of the sale of Cannabis, and they never meet the grower, distributor, or user. They do this by investing in Cannabis Stocks through the OTC Pink Sheets market or “Grey Market.” Cannabis is not a primary concern of the federal government at this time, or of the department of justice considering all of the economic and political turmoil facing the United States and the world currently. Yet this is the best time to become a Cannabis Investor.

Many cannabis stocks now trade at the price of pennies or fractions of pennies, maybe even a few dollars. But when Cannabis eventually becomes legalized at the federal level by the United States government in the near future, the value of these cannabis companies will shoot through the roof.

The key becomes learning how to spot the frauds from the real cannabis companies, and this can be tough. The OTC Pink sheets market is fraught with frauds and crooks, scams and con men. That is why it is important to learn how to invest in cannabis stocks before it is too late and the boom in the cannabis industry in the stock market happens in America. California just recently legalized recreational cannabis, and by the end of 2017 the state of California has to start issuing licenses to companies to recreationally distribute marijuana.

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