DAY TRADING: Tips and Tricks to Learn All About Day Trading and Upscale Your Income


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The book “Tips and Tricks to Learn All About Day Trading and To upscale Your Income” is a must-have day trading manual that contains the A-Z of day trading, the do’s and don’ts and rules, strategies, techniques and practical tips and advice for day traders. The book is resourceful, and the information contained in it is promising and revolutionary to the day trading world. Following the instructions and guidelines that are richly contained in the book will transform you from an average trader or a beginner into a successful day trader within the time span of a few months.
You will find in the book everything you need to know about day trading from what is a day trader and who is a trader to how you can upscale your income with day trading. Some frequently asked questions (FAQs), and their answers are also contained in the book.
The book has ten informative characters that are designed to turn the beginner and the average day trader into a global success story. They are written for both the beginner who has little or no knowledge about day trading and the average day trader who is struggled to cut it out in the day trading world and make a profit.
Chapter One talks offers a sound introduction into what day trading is, Chapter Two covers the basics of day trading (Characteristics of Day trading and Day traders and their types and tools), Chapter Three explains in details the pros and cons of day trading, Chapter Four discusses the essentials of day trading such as stocks, bonds, futures, and options trading and Chapter Five ventures into choosing day trading platforms and software, various points to consider when choosing a day trading platform and software are also highlighted.
Chapter Six brings to the consciousness the importance paper trading could play on improving the day trader and getting the beginners ready for the day trading markets. Chapter Seven talks about the earning potential you can generate from a day trader, how much can you realistically earn from day trading and factors that can influence your day trading earnings. Chapter Eight focuses on various tried and tested day trading strategies and techniques. Chapter Nine discusses the importance of choosing the right stocks or securities and factors to consider to help you determine the right stocks or securities for day trading. Chapter Ten, the book’s finale, offers some useful day trading tips, highlights the difficulty associated with day trader, and ends with the list and achievements of successful day traders.

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