Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Canadian & US Pot Stocks: No Brokers Needed; No Minimum Purchase!


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Why Pot Stocks?I’ve been interested in the stock market since the early 80’s. In 1997, I was watching Amazon’s stock. I was running a homebased business and was already doing drop-shipping, to customers so it was exciting to see what things new online ‘bookstore’ was going to accomplish. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I watched this stock soar, but I let that old spirit of FEAR stop me from stepping out and purchasing at least 100 shares! Check out the money I missed out on:*Amazon- 5/1997 IPO – $18 a shareNow worth-$ 1,500 a share* As of close of market 2/23/2018Wow! I use these resources nearly every day and should be making BIG money from them, but I’m not, because I allowed Fear to stop me…but no more!This easy step-by step guide will show you what stocks are expected to soar in 2018 and how to set up your portfolio. Get together with friends and relatives and learn our easy method of making money off ‘pot stocks!About the author:LDB Investments , owned and operated in Missouri invests in stocks, real estate, and online businesses.

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