7 ways to Get Rich With Marijuana Stocks: Options To Invest in a Booming Sector (Invest for a Secure Future) (Volume 1)


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Legalization of Marijuana and prospects for Investment. Whenever laws are passed fortunes are made.In 1933, liquor prohibition was lifted in USA.This created financial windfalls for people who were alert and saw it coming. A similar trend is happening with the legalization of Marijuana.Several states have allowed partial legalization for medical purposes and a few for recreational use.Canada is at the forefront with legal recreational use scheduled to commence in Oct 2018. The question arises. What type of companies do you invest in? This book outlines 7 avenues – Growers,Dispensaries,Packaging and Merchandising, Pharma developers,Nutrient, Real Estate and ETF. The purpose of this book is to provide general information and not investment advice.

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