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7 Ways to Get Rich with Marijuana Stocks: OPTIONS TO INVEST IN A BOOMING SECTOR (Invest for a Secure Future Book 1)


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Legalization of marijuana and prospects for investment. Whenever laws are passed, creates a huge opportunity. In 1933, Liquor prohibition was lifted in USA. This created a huge opportunity for gains for people who were alert and saw it coming. A similar trend is happening in the legalization of marijuana. Several states have allowed partial legalization for medical purposes and a few for recreational use. Where do you Invest ? There are 7 avenues – Growers, Dispensaries, Packaging and Merchandising, Pharma developers, Nutrient, Real Estate and ETF. There are opportunities to reap windfall gains. However there are risks too, A few would do well and deliver stellar returns. The purpose of this book is to provide general information. This is not investment advice.

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