Day Trading, Swing Trading, Dividend Investing Guide: Best Strategies & Psychology for Forex, Stock, Options Market, & Dividend Investing. Increase Your Investment Return & Achieve Your Financial Independence: Passive Income for Beginners, Book 1


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Ever wondered what life would be like if you could make your hard-earned money work for you, almost passively? Are you ready to start working towards building a financially stable future?

This entire step-by-step investing books collection includes Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Dividend Investing which provide the best strategies and psychology for the forex market, stock market, options, and dividend investing. It will help increase your investment return and achieve your financial independence through passive income.

This bundle contains three essential books which will cover the most basic terminologies and how to apply them in your day-to-day trading. Whether you’re a start-up investor or you’ve been investing for a while now, I can assure you that you’ll get some excellent guidance here that will definitely improve your trading abilities. 

Within this audiobook you will learn all about:

Swing Trading

  • How swing trading works and the risks involved
  • Why forex is the biggest market in the world and forex trading plans
  • How to keep trading simple
  • How much you can make daily with swing trading
  • How to manage pressure while trading
  • What are effective money management strategies
  • And much more…

Day Trading

  • What day trading is and how you can profit from it even if you are a non-technical person
  • What are the secret trading strategies that consistently earn others over $10,000 every month and bring in a profit of over $100,000 a year
  • What are the hidden strategies used to manage risks and cut losses drastically
  • How to avoid the common traps that can devastate your day-trading progress
  • How to develop a profitable day-trading system even if you are a complete beginner
  • And so much more!

Dividend Investing

  • What’s a dividend and how do they work
  • How to read financial statements and determine which companies are a good investment
  • What is the secret trick you can use to reinvest dividends tax-free
  • What are the jargon you need to know to navigate the dividends landscape
  • What are the top mistakes made by new dividend investors and how to avoid them
  • What’s a REIT or an MLP? After listening this book, you’ll have all the answers
  • How to use options to make even more monthly income off your stocks.
  • How to compare dividend investing in regular investing and learn the advantages of dividends.
  • How to best set up a dividend portfolio.

The truth is that investing does not have to be complicated! These three books each start by showing you how to understand investments and each one lays out a simple process to customize an investing strategy according to your financial goals and tolerance for risk. Rather than start with individual stock picks that might or might not work out, these books start with a look at your needs and how to put together investments that get you there.

The step-by-step investing book bundle offers a simple process to build your own portfolio without Wall Street’s excessive fees and false promises within each investment idea. 

If you’re tired of worrying about meeting your economic objectives, this audiobook set is just what you need. So, stop beating around the bush, and click on the ‘buy now’ button.

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